Division 2 Raid 1: Operation Dark Hours

The first question that pops into your head we guess is: Where is Raid 1? Well it is said that they will not be available at launch of Division 2, but will be added over time, so please be patient.

As most of you know, Raids are one of the hardest thing in Division 2. They can be done in a group of up to 8 players – two squads of 4 players.

So what do we know about Raid 1 already?

Raid 1: Operation Dark Hours

As seen on Twitter and various images in trailers, most likely the raid will take placeĀ in Ronald Reagan Airport (The Washington National Airport). The location is not currently visible on the map though, as that specific airport is far to the south of what currently is visible.

We can also guess that the battle happens not only inside, but also outside of the buildings of the mentioned airport. And what is more, the Black Tusk faction is present in the images as well…

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