Main missions Guide In Division 2

To get through the full story of The Division 2, you have to find and complete the main missions.

They can be found on the map as hexagons. Main missions tell you the main story. The stationary ones remain as grey hexagons once you complete them, so you are able to try them out again with different difficulty settings.

Grand Washington Hotel

Rendezvous with Agent Kelso and stage a daring assault to rescue Eleanor Sawyer from the Hyenas.

Jefferson Trade Center

Rescue the missing Division agent and re-activate theĀ ISAC node beneath the Jefferson Trade center.

ViewPoint Museum

Seize the ViewPoint building from the True Sons.

  • Rewards: 1 Skill Unlock, Theater Settlement Upgrade, 9750 XP
  • Boss: Staff Sergeant Carl Wade
  • Loot Drop: 2 green quality equipment items

Theater Settlement Mission


SHD Mission


Theater Settlement Mission


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