The Division 2 – Patches

Since the Division 2 game release there were several patches published. Below you will find all the patch notes which will be updated with the newest ones added at the top.

Patch 16. March 2019

  • Bug fixes
    A fix that will reduce occurrences of client crashes when skills are being used.
    Before the fix was done, players would stuck in the wrong World Tier if Strongholds were completed without meeting the required Gear Score while in a group.
    A fix for an issue where players wouldn’t be able to talk to agent Kelso at the Castle Settlement.
    Players could obtain multiple Ivory Keys from the same source before the fix.
    A fix for an issue when completing Open World activities and Side missions in another players’ instance the map progress would not be saved.
    There was an exploit that allowed players to loot Supply Drops multiple times.
    A bug fixed where players could buy blueprints repeatedly at the vendors by logging in and out.
    An issue fixed where combining the Dialed in talent with the Emet Mask could lead to greatly increased Accuracy and Stability.

Patch 14. March 2019

  • Weapons
    A work in progress weapon removed that wasn’t properly named and balanced.
    Crossbows as intended finally deal explosive damage to multiple objects.
    Exotic weapons equipped with silencers finally make the sound they’re supposed to.
    NPCs that are engaged in a combat will react to grenades as intended.
  • Missions
    At the end of the Beekeeper Jeff side mission the ropes will deploy properly to allow for extraction.
    Premature Castle unlock will no longer be possible. This issue blocked progression in some instances previously.
    The NPC scene can no longer be interrupted during a boss fight In Jefferson Plaza.
    A fix for a loot exploit that involved repeated boss killing in some Invaded missions.
  • PC specific
    A fix for PC players playing together by connecting to the same network – no more issues  when interacting with each other.
    FreeSync 2 HDR can now be selected in a game regardless of a PC configuration.
  • Other
    “SHD CPU V.2” and “Cyclone Magazine” skill mods are stopped from dropping as loot. Player’s already having the items can use them if they unlock the corresponding specialization perk.
    No more geting stuck on black screens after watching introduction cinematics.
    XP rewards updated for all end game activities. Now they will scale to the player’s level, instead of being just flat values.
    A fix for several corrupted audio issues.

Title update 1.5

  • This specific update addresses audio missing & cutting out occurrences that were seen during the Open Beta.

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