Side missions of The Division 2

If you are looking for information about The Division 2 side missions, you are at the right place. Please find below the descriptions and explanations about the side missions.

Keep in mind, that these missions can only be done once and are usually given by a person in a settlement. To collect all of them, you have to talk to everyone.

MLK Library Community

Help the MLK Library community and get all the great rewards!

  • Rewards: Blueprint: Improvised Kneepads, Theater Upgrade: Game Corner, 5850 XP
  • Boss: Pebbles
  • Boss loot: 1 green equipment item

Department of Justice

To do: destroy an important stockpile of True Sons munitions.

On the east of the Safe house in Federal Triangle you need to defeat the first set of enemies and then to go down into the garage. Once the next wave is defeated, pick up 4 explosives. Two you will find in the garage, for the other two you have to go up through the back of the garage to another area. You will encounter more enemies, the remaining explosives and through a chain link fence you will come back to the initial area. Plant the explosives on all four crates and defeat all enemies to complete the mission. When you plant the explosives, you need to get away from the crate quickly or they can kill you.

  • Rewards: Blueprint: Light Extended 5.56 Mag, 5850 XP

National Archives

Important documents need to be recovered from the archives.

The mission takes place in the south of the navy square control point in the federal triangle. Fight through the large entrance room and once you reach the vault pick up what you came for. Then climb up some ropes to a round room. Beware of the enemies coming towards you from the front and sides. Stay undercover and combat all enemies before you take the boss.

  • Rewards: Blueprint: Compensator 9mm, Theater Upgrade: Rescued Art, 5850 XP

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