End Game in The Division 2

When is the end game of The Division 2? Well, once you’re in level 30 and complete the last mission, the game just begins…


Imagine you just reached level 30 and successfully completed the last stronghold mission at the capitol building. You will now be automatically upgraded to World Tier 1 and the Black Tusk faction will show up. The endgame is when the specializations become available and you can craft higher end gear and weapons at the crafting bench.

The Theater settlement will be under blockade as soon as the Black Tusk invasion starts. Click the settlement on the map for a red line to come out of it. First, you have to complete The Grand Washington Hotel mission, but an Unknown Activity marker,will show up before that and you will have to complete that activity for the settlement to be unblocked.


Besides the specializations progression, you can rank up in world tiers as well by completing the 4 stronghold missions (and an additional one – Tidal Bassin). So you must first complete the two linked missions that were invaded by the Black Tusk before attacking the actual stronghold.

Each world tier has required Gear Scores to attack a stronghold. It will increase with each completed stronghold. To raise your gear score, you can craft gear and weapons or if you’re lucky, you will find them. Below are the gear scores you need to advance to that world tier.

  • World Tier 2: 275 Gear Score
  • World Tier 3: 325 Gear Score
  • World Tier 4: 375 Gear Score
  • World Tier 5: 425 Gear Score

Below are the strongholds and their linked missions:

  • Roosevelt Island: Federal Emergency Bunker and Potomac Event Center
  • Capitol Building: Air & Space Museum and Space Administration HQ
  • District Union Arena: Grand Washington Hotel and Jefferson Trade Center

And only once all three strongholds are cleared, the last stronghold – Tidal Bassin, will become available to you.

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