The Division 2 – Projects Guide

To be able to unlock and get more rewards in Division 2 you need to complete Projects. Projects are tasks that are given to you once you talk to the projects officer and donate the required items. Projects are visible in the map, so you can easily find them.


In each district you will find a Liberation project. Once you complete this project you get a bounty, which is on a timer. So within a certain time you have to get to a specific place. Once you reach that place, the timer is stopped.

Downtown East Liberation

Resupply a friendly control point in Downtown East: 50
Complete activities in Downtown East: 3
Recover SHD Tech caches in Downtown East: 4

The Theater

Outfit Hunting Party

Steel: 5
Chest armor: 1
Neutralize hostile activity: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Streamlined Iron Sights, 645 XP

Salvager Crew

Polycarbonate: 5
Gloves: 1
Disrupt Public Execution: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Vertical Grip, 645 XP

Water Pipeline Construction

Ceramics: 10
Backpacks: 1
Disrupt Propaganda: 1

Rewards: Blueprint: Reflex Sight, 3270 XP

Cold Storage Construction

Steel: 10
Kneepads: 3
Neutralize veteran Hyenas: 5

Rewards: Blueprint: Police M4 Replica, 3270 XP

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