The Division 2 – Factions

There are four dangerous factions living in the world of the Division 2 and you will have to try hard to take over the city from them.

Civilians have made their settlements and communities besides The Division as well as the JTF has set up the base of operations in the White House.


Rowdy group of decentralized pockets. They are absolutely dis-organised and usually looking for quick and easy kills.

True Sons

This is a paramilitary group consisting mostly of JTF mutineers and other sympathizers.


Emeline Shaw is the leader of this faction. They came from a failed quarantine at Roosevelt Island and are out for vengeance.

Black Tusk

The Black Tusks faction only shows up once you’ve completed the main┬ástory line of The Division 2 and invade all the main missions, giving you extra challenges to beat them again. This faction is the most organized, very well trained & armed as well as very much protected.

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