Outcasts Faction in The Division 2 game

Another enemy faction in The Division 2 is The Outcasts with a leader Emeline Shaw.

Back story

The Outcasts are led by a strong betrayal feeling after a quarantine fail at Roosevelt Island. The group, as well as their leader Emeline Shaw who is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, found unity in their struggle for vengeance and they now seek to destroy everyone who they feel betrayed them.

Enemy Types


Weapon: ?

  • The Outcast Rusher archetype is a bomber. He rushes towards enemies in an attempt to bomb the faction’s foes.
  • The bomb’s mechanism can be set off by shooting it even if the Rusher dies before the bomb explodes.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

  • The Outcast Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire – the same as in the True Sons faction.

Instead of trying to rebuild, guys from this faction are led by a vengeance and that’s it. – Henry Hayes says.






Weapon: Sub Machine Gun

  • The Outcasts Thrower archetype throws Molotovs at enemies.
  • To cause the Outcast Thrower dropping their Molotov shoot them while throwing. To set themselves and their surroundings on fire – destroy their bag of Molotovs.

As Agent Kelso says, the common tool of vandals and rioters (The Molotovs) has become the common tool of murderers and warlords.



Heavy Weapons

Weapon: Light Machine Gun

  • The Outcasts Heavy Weapons archetype – they use a light machinegun to suppress enemies and prevent them from repositioning safely.
  • Destroy the Heavy Weapons’ammo backpack for ammo explosion and enjoy a chaos as he tries to get things under control again.

Named Enemies

Emeline Shaw?

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