Black Tusk Faction in The Division 2 game

You won’t meet enemies from The Black Tusk faction until you reach level 30 in the Division 2 and┬ácomplete the last mission.

Back story


Enemy Types


Weapon: Drone

  • To pick targets The Black tusk Rusher archetype deploys suicide drones and uses targeting laser.
  • The Rusher’s equipment is vulnerable to EMP and destroying it’s drone causes an explosion.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

  • The Black Tusk Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire as most of other factions.

Agent Kelso says that you should be careful of these guys, as they’ve seen it all and they are not afraid, as most of them are ex-special forces, marines, rangers, seals, etc.


Weapon: Marksman Rifle

  • The Black Tusk Sniper archetype takes cover at long range to attempt shots to eliminate the targets.
  • The Snipers use decoy lenses to confuse their enemies of their real position. Be sure to destroy their lens pouch to prevent em from deploying the countermeasures.
  • Destroy the taser drone on the sniper’s back to prevent it from being deployed as the sniper seeks enemies and stunts them to get a clear shot.


Weapon: Mini Tank

  • A mini tank is controlled by The Black Tusk Controller archetype while he’s staying under cover.
  • Distracting the Controller will cause the mini tank to stop functioning temporarily while to disable the mini tank you need to eliminate the Controller.
  • If you only manage to damage the mini tank, the Controller will attempt to repair it.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

  • The Black Tusk Thrower archetype uses an airburst grenade launcher to hit targets behind cover.
  • To kill the Thrower you need to destroy the grenade pouch. It causes explosion which kills the enemy.




Weapon: Submachine gun

  • The Black Tusk Medic archetype throws EMP jammers and attempts to revive downed allies via a medical drone.
  • To set off an EMP that disrupts the Medic, you need to destroy the EMP jammer pouch.
  • If you succeed to destroy the drone on the Medic’s backpack, you prevent ranged revival, and the Medic is forced to run to downed allies to revive them.




Weapon: Minigun

  • The Black Tusk Tank Archetype uses his mini gun to suppress enemy targets and usually stays at range.
  • The Tank has a support station which feeds a constant supply of health recovery. Destroy that station mounted on Tanks back preventing him from health regeneration.
  • The Tank’s mini gun ammo belt never requires a reload. Break the belt to force a reload.

Agent Kelso says to stay away from these guys. If it’s not possible, then try breaking the belt and damaging the support station – this gives you an opportunity to stay alive.

Named Enemies

  • The Mission boss of Grand Washington Hotel Rooftop, James “Carver” Wajinski says to stop complaining and get on the fucking table. He’ll fix you, but you’re not going to like it for sure.

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