True Sons Faction in The Division 2 game

All the important information about The True Sons faction types in The Division 2 game is written below.

Back story

The True Sons faction is led by a former JTF officer – Antwon Ridgeway. They are based in DC. The True Sons is a paramilitary group that consists of JTF mutineers and other sympathizers who  constantly seek to expand their influence and suppress their rivals, while their leader wants a complete control of the city.

Enemy Types


Weapon: Shotgun

  • The True Sons Rusher archetype prefers to engage opponents at short range, often charging without regard for their own safety if it allows for a good shot.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

  • The True sons Assault archetype moves cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire and prefers to fight from behind cover.

According to Manny Ortega, Assault archetype of the True Sons faction works overtime and can do anything in the name of righteousness.


Weapon: Assault Rifle

  • The True Sons Immobilizer archetype shoots a sticky foam that stops their targets from moving. But for the foam to be effective they must be in a close range.
  • To cause the foam leak and stop the Immobilizer from moving you have to destroy their backpack.

Agent Kelso recalls that he once was stuck in that foam for an hour and got ambushed by them.

Heavy Weapons

Weapon: Light Machine Gun

  • The True son Heavy Weapons archetype prefers to lay down covering fire from behind cover. But though they are heavily armored, their head is frequently exposed.
  • To cause an explosion, destroy the ammo pack on their back.

Named Enemies

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